First team meeting of the project ‘’Sailing on the Danube’’, 01st November 2019

Association LAZARUS, as the second partner on the project ‘’Sailing on the Danube’’, on the 01st November 2019 organized first team meeting in Donji Milanovac. At the meeting, a presentation of the project implementation stage was made. The activities, expected results and indicators of the project were presented. After that, the meeting continued with discussions under the schedule of the project implementation, general activities of the project and for each partner individually. Dates, responsibilities and procedures are defined The project ‘’ Sailing on the Danube ‘’, CB007.2.13.076, is co-funded by EU through the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria–Serbia Programme.

Delivered equipment

Under the project Lead Beneficiary Tourism association Bononia – Vidin has purchased Special equipment, which is essential to the quality implementation of the project's activities and to the sustainability of its results.Under contract No.CB007.2.13.076-Supply 01 copmany VBL Trade Ltd. delivered: 2 items Sailing boats Topaz Omega; 2 items Outboard engine for sailing boats Genovo F5 BMS; 2 items Trailer for sailing boats Trigano Jet 650; 1 item Megaphone HW-8C; 1 item Anemometer AM-816; 4 items Paddles Trem; 4 items Paddles locker Trem; 20 items Neoprene clothing Dinghy 500. We are expecting to be delivered and 30 pieces of life jackets.