Tourist Association Bononia – Vidin (TABV)

Tourist Association Bononia – Vidin (TABV), is part of the National Association – Bulgarian Touristic Union. The Union was founded last century in August 1895. Through its over 120 years of history, the stakeholders – the local associations based in each Bulgarian City had passed through different judicial forms and organizations changes according to actual conjunctures and regimes. Last one in March 1996 where the latest major incorporation act of Tourist Association Bononia – Vidin was adopted.

Nevertheless its judicial changes, Tourist Association Bononia – Vidin kept its core mission, values and objectives, which are as follows:

– TABV is a voluntary, independent, non-governmental association for social recreation, for sport-tourism, cultural, patriotic, nature-loving and ecological activities.

– The main objective of TABV is to support the development of civil society and democracy in the Republic of Bulgaria in the field of social and recreational tourism and while exercising, to develop and promote various types and forms of such tourism.

The historically covered areas of activities are mountaineering, alpinism, speleology but due to specific of Vidin geographical location (on the Bank of Danube river and close to Rabisha and Bojurica lakes) strongly covered are water sports and tourism as canoe&kayak and boating.

Association LAZARUS

Association LAZARUS contributes to the preservation of cultural heritage by raising awareness, educating the young population and applying acquired knowledge in the economic development of the community, acting in the field of social activism, youth policy, intercultural dialogue contributes to sustainable development and healthy lifestyles, organizes itself or in community with other organizations of professional conferences, conferences, seminars and other forms of education in the fields of education, environmental protection and sustainable development, tourism, sport and recreation, health, entrepreneurship, participating in projects alone or with other associations and organizations in the country and abroad that deal with it or by similar activities, organizes volunteer actions for cleaning and protection of nature, afforestation and greening of endangered parts of settlements and their surroundings, through its activities for improving the sustainable development of tourism in the interest of the local community.

Association LAZARUS has experience in managing and implementing projects, where in the past year he had a project within the municipality of Majdanpek “Youth education on recycling” in which he played a leading role.

Within the project “Protected areas for nature and people”, Association LAZARUS worked on the preparation and recording of audio materials.

Association LAZARUS participated as a logistical support for several years back in the organization of the Iron Gate Sailing Cup.